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Dr. Devanshi Kaapadia

Title: Transpersonal Regression Therapy Facilitator

Holistic Approaches Include:

  • Clinical hypnotherapy (CHII EKAA )
  • Transpersonal Regression therapy (TASSO)
  • Systemic constellations (Bert hellinger, Germany )
  • Integrated Inner Child program (Trisha caeteno)

Services Offered: Empowerment Workshops, Private Consultations, and Training Programs

Languages Spoken: English and Hindi

Nationality: Indian

Dr. Devanshi Kapadia

Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Graphology and Graphotherapy (india)
  • The reconnection (Eric Pearl, Prague)
  • Journey practitioner (Brandon bays, U.K.)
  • Diploma in Shamanic studies ( Kevin turner, FSS, USA)
  • Diploma in Pythagorean Numerology ( mumbai, india)
  • Tarot card reading & angel cards reading (Sedona, USA)
  • Crystal healing (India)

Practice in: India, Japan ( since 2014), London (since 2013), Hongkong (since 2016), Geneva (since 2016), Singapore (since 2016).

Hobbies :Travelling and watching movies


‘Of course I would and I already did. Because it’s one of the most holistic and powerful techniques I have ever seen. But you have to be ready for it – it’s not for playing around… Decide to do it and then go for it.’
Sven T.

‘I would definitely recommend students to do the course as it is rare to find teachers and mentors as erudite and yet as simple as my teachers in the course have been.’
Yuvraj K.

‘If you are serious about becoming an outstanding professional Transpersonal Regression Therapist, for me Tasso International is the premium choice to make, because their work is grounded and spiritual. They bring all the work together that for me is essential for real change: cognitive understanding, energy work and bodywork. You have to know, though, that you have to do your own work and that does mean to walk through deep shit yourself sometimes. If you are really curious about deep healing, then you should join.’
Mascha V.

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