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Sharath Shivam Unni

Title: Yogic Healer – Healing through applied Yogic Sciences with Ayurveda and Shiatsu

Holistic Approaches Include: Sound Healing with Mantras & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Mudra Therapy

Services Offered: Meditations & Healing involving Breathwork, Yoga Postures in Applied Yogic Sciences, Pulse Reading and Ayurveda consultations, Shiatsu/Marma & Thai Yoga Therapy, Sound Healing with Mantras & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Mudra Therapy

Languages Spoken: English, Mallayalam

Nationality: Indian


About Sharath:

Sharath Shivam Unni comes from an ancestral lineage of pioneers of yoga and ayurveda originated in Tamil Nadu in India. He has been practicing and teaching Integral Yoga – a combination of 5 main yoga asana, pranyanas, relaxation meditation & healing therapies. According to an individual’s Ayurvedic constitution, it is aimed at developing a state of balanced body, peaceful mind and higher awareness in the aspirant. He has been deeply involved in yoga practices and living in ashrams since since 2006. His teachings are inspired by the Bihar School of Yoga and the Sivananda School of Yoga.

Sharath carries a diploma in spa management and is also a master practitioner in thai yoga therapy, ayurveda sciences and shiatsu.


Hi. I just wanted to send a message that I had the most incredible Meriden clearing with Sharath. It felt like a relaxing massage but cleared so many spots on my body that were painful and energetically congested. When he was done I felt the most relaxed, stress-free, pain-free and lighter than I have in months! Many thanks Sharath!



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