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Hadeel Alkhamis

Title: Holistic Development Coach & Healer

Holistic Approaches Include:

  • Intuitive Meditative Healing
  • Reality Transurfing Life Coaching
  • Energy Healing

Services Offered:

  • Private Consultations
  • Meditation Sessions (group & private)
  • Holistic Development Seminars & Workshops
  • Energy Healing (including chakra clearing & balancing)
  • Reality Transurfing Life Coaching
  • Energy Work Classes

Languages Spoken: English & Arabic

Nationality: Saudi


Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Certified Reality Transurfing Coach
  • 12 years of Research & Development (Energy Work, Meditation, Intuitive Healing, & Esoteric Teachings)
  • Founder of Holistic Development Platform OWL  (Instagram @one_with_light)

About Hadeel:

Hadeel spent 12 years of her life and still ongoing exploring, teaching, & developing Energy Work, Meditation, Intuitive Healing, and Channeling. She has followed her calling exploring esoteric topics, and mastering Meditation as her natural clairvoyant & healing gifts develop.

She believes that it is her mission to help people step into their true essence, into the light, and discover their life purpose from a place of raw truth. She once said “Only from that place one gains the deepest understanding of self and follows a clear path that unfolds leading to your soul evolution”

When she was asked about her life purpose she answered: “My Life Purpose is to contribute to the collective evolution of humanity through living in my awareness in a constant observation of simultaneous learning, teaching & channeling.”

At one point in her journey she stubbled across Reality Transurfing. From the first couple of pages she read from the book Reality Transurfing Steps I – V by Vadim Zeland, she had this deep sense that this is something invaluable, magical, and powerful that can positively impact the world.

After her coaching certification, she had made it her mission to transform as many lives as possible through Reality Transurfing. In an interview she once said:  “Coaching and watching people step into their power of choice and co-create their reality in harmony with the universe is one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever experienced”

Hadeel has further developed the concepts of Reality Transurfing connecting it with the power of meditation and energy work. She has created many workshops and seminars where the audience has experienced instant expansion of the way they view their world.

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